Lanie Love - No one Better See This 😍


Lanie Love - No one Better See This
You're a security officer at a dorm at the university. There are clear rules on the curfew at the freshman dorms, so it's your job to make sure all of the students follow the rules. In strolls Lanie way after curfew, she doesn't even notice you at your desk. You've caught her a couple times and have had to report her. "Ahmm" She turns around embarrassed to be caught. "Oh hi! Didn't see you... just let me go to my room, please! You don't have to tell". Except you do, you could get fired. You tell her you're going to turn her in and get parents involved this time, but seeing how hot she looks, you think of a better plan. You begin by ordering her to put her purse down. "Why?! Just please don't tell, okay? I'll do anything but... not like clean the bathroom or anything". No you had something better in store, and she seems so desperate to not be turned in. This is going to be fun. "No way! I'm not taking my dress off!... This better not end up on the internet anywhere!"

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