Laz Fyre - Brooklyn Chase- Sensual Suite ❤️


Laz Fyre - Brooklyn Chase- Sensual Suite
Here’s Brooklyn Chase in our first episode of Sensual Suite! Since this was our 4th scene together and our chemistry on camera is super-hot so we decided to do something a little different for a change. We thought it might be nice to give ourselves a little treat and shoot something that didn’t require memorizing dialogue, lots of scene blocking and constantly having to be “open” to the camera. What if we just, like…had sex? The way we would if there weren’t cameras and lighting to worry about. No goofy porn stunts, no overdone basic porn clichés. Just fucking, making love even. So that’s what we did. First, we took some lovely footage of Brooklyn taking off her lingerie then we laid down in front of the fireplace, turned on some music and I began giving her a light massage with coconut oil. It was so nice to be able to just enjoy this person naturally. We didn’t even have her make up done. It was just her and I and my sweet wife, Lady Fyre shooting the whole thing with a hand-held camera. It was a very relaxing scene to shoot. There were times that Lady Fyre just put the camera down for a few minutes and just let Brooklyn and I continue which you see when we put the BTS out. We went through a few positions that each of us enjoy like doggy, spoon, cowgirl, 69 and finally missionary where I came deep inside her while she looked right into my eyes. It was a beautiful and amazing experience! I hope you enjoy watching us be ourselves and enjoying each other. We celebrated our bodies by sharing them with each other in a way that was sexually pleasing but also tender and sweet. When you’re with someone you really click with it’s easy to be authentic and to Be sweet

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