Leena Mae - Eat My Juicy Farts šŸ’„


Leena Mae - Eat My Juicy Farts
Iā€™m looking down on you in a POV. I want to sit on your face so you can breathe in my stinky farts. I put my big ass right in your face, pull my thong to the side, and show you my asshole as I fart right over you! Put your nose in there and tell me how smelly I am. I get in front of you and twerk my ass for you and shake my jiggly cheeks. Iā€™m so gassy! Some of these wet, juicy farts are pretty alarming. Featuring: kink, amateur, brunette, ass, POV, close up, asshole, smelly, stinky, wet farts, long nails, dirty talk, thong, bra, panties

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