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SUSANNA MAKES A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL!!! WHEN SHE WANTS A GUCCI PURSE...SHE TAKES OUT A LOAN FROM HER BIG, MEAN BROTHER BRAD. THE TERMS OF THE LOAN INCLUDE HIM MOLESTING AND DEFILING HER!!! When Susanna wants an expensive Gucci Purse she saw online...she Dad to ask for an advance in her weekly allowance....and they turn her down. With nowhere else to turn....she ends up asking her big Brother Brad to Loan her the money. Susanna promises to pay him back....$25 per week from her allowance. When Brad finds out that the Purse costs a whopping $600 (!!!)...he declines the favor....figuring it will take Susanna forever to pay the money back. However....since his little Baby Sister is SMOKING Hot.....Brad comes up with an alternative. He will lend her the money for the purse....if she pays back $25 a week towards the "principle"....but has to pay "interest". The interest he demands is......licking her cunt....and Fucking her!!! Desperate to make a deal...Susanna agrees to the terms of the perverted and twisted arrangement. To make sure they are both clear...Brad makes her to sign a Loan Agreement....complete with a "default clause" that states that if she misses a weekly payment....she must take it in the Ass!!! After the paperwork is all signed...Brad starts to lick and defile his poor Baby Sister...eventually unloading all over her, using her as a cum dumpster!! At least she will have a nice purse

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