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WHEN A BROTHER AND SISTER ARE BOTH SINGLE.....AND HORNY.... THEY MAKE A PACT!!!! LUCY BECOMES "BABY SISTER WITH BENEFITS"!!!! THE SIBLINGS DECIDE TO HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER!!! Russ and his Baby Sister Lucy are home alone......bored.....depressed......lonely......and horny!! They have both recently split with their boyfriend and girlfriend.....and are commiserating together about the lack of physical interaction they are each experiencing. Then they have an idea. Everyone knows about "friends with benefits"....what about "siblings with benefits"? They each consider the notion. "Hmm you have what I need....and I have what you need....." then they come to a conclusion...."it's almost STUPID if we don't!.....". They decide that it would be quite practical for them to mutually relieve their sexual frustrations by having sex with each other!!! They begin by kissing....which makes them both break out in a fit of laughter...so they decide to skip the kissing....and go straight to enjoying each other's naked bodies. Russ gives his Baby Sister a good cunt licking which makes Lucy's eyes roll back in her head!!! Then Lucy sucks her Brother's cock....and they fuck each other hard!!! Lucy ends their sibling tryst by taking a load of her big Brother's semen into her mouth. Maybe being single won't be so bad after all

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