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SKYLA IS HORRIFIED WHEN HER DAD WALKS INTO HER BEDROOM. SHE IS EVEN MORE HORRIFIED WHEN HE MISTAKES HER FOR HER MOM.....AND PROCEEDS TO FUCK THE LIVING [email protected]*& OUT OF HER!!! THE NEXT 9 MINUTES ARE SOMETHING SHE WILL NEVER FORGET!!! Skyla was just out of the shower....talking to her girlfriend, Jennifer, on the phone....when something bad happened! REALLY, REALLY BAD!!! As Skyla is on her bed, wearing nothing but a towel....her Dad walks in!!! Skyla tells her girlfriend how terrified she is....as her Dad sits down on her bed, and begins to caress her leg...and then starts to lick her cunt!!! Panic-Stricken.... Skyla can only hold her breath in terror as her Dad licks her Pussy. "Oh No Jen!!!....he thinks I'm Mom!!! Mom always said that Daddy gets horny when he's tired......". Skyla hangs up the phone...and her nightmare only gets worse, as her Dad shove his penis inside her mouth, and makes her Suck it!! Skyla lets her Dad shove his cock in and out of her mouth. When his cock has grown to a MASSIVE size....Skyla's Dad...calling her "Evelyn (her Mom's name)...bends Skyla over...and begins to Fuck her very hard. Calling her Evelyn over and over....Skyla's Dad gives her a real Pounding, before he ultimately shoots his load all over Skyla's stomach. Poor, young Skyla is in tears as her Dad calmly goes back to his own room...leaving her covered in sperm

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