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LEAVING OLDER BROTHER STUART HOME ALONE WITH BABY SISTER SUSANNA WAS A BIG MISTAKE!! AFTER HE CATCHES HIS LITTLE SISTER MASTURBATING.... STUART VIOLATES HIS YOUNG SIBLING...FIRST WITH HIS TONGUE... AND THEN WITH HIS COCK!!!!! Mom and Dad go away, and leave Stuart in charge of his baby Sister Susanna. That was a mistake. A BIG mistake!!! After a phone call from Dad...making sure Stuart has the doors (and windows!!) locked......Stuart decides to go and check on his little Sister. To his surprise....Stuart walks in on Susanna masturbating furiously!!! Tiny Susanna is using her pussy as an amusement park, when her big Brother catches her in the act. Susanna is embarrassed....but her embarrassment turns to surprise, when her older Brother offers to "do it for her"!! Susanna agrees to let her big Brother take over....and he goes straight to work licking his Baby Sister's sweet tasting cunt!! Susanna has a powerful orgasm....and then....of course.....mean older Brother talks her into "returning the favor"!! Susanna agrees to reciprocate.....and she sucks Stuart's cock for him. Susanna was expecting Stuart to orgasm in her mouth....to complete the "exchange"....but, to her horror....Stuart wants to have sexual intercourse with her!!! Susanna initially resists....blocking the entry to her vagina....but mean older Brother prevails...and sticks his cock inside his Baby Sister!! Stuart pounds his tiny little Sister....until he actually ejaculates inside her!! Susanna is angry with him for his "internal combustion".....but the two of them look forward to more inappropriate rendezvous, while they are Home Alone

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