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EMMA AND HER DAD BOTH HAVE INSOMNIA. THEY ARE UP WATCHING LATE NIGHT CABLE TV...WHEN THEY STUMBLE ACROSS THE PORN CHANNEL!! NEXT THING YOU KNOW....EMMA IS FUCKING HER DAD!!!! Emma and her Dad both have Insomnia. It is the middle of the night, and they are both downstairs in the Family Room surfing the Late Night Cable TV. Emma is in charge of the remote when she lands on the "Nudie Channel". Dad immediately grabs for the remote...but Emma says that she really wants to watch.....she tells her Dad that she loves watching people Fuck! Dad is shocked....and is even more shocked to learn that Emma and her friends watch Porn all the time!! The two watch the movie for a while...and Emma comments on how the Actress on TV has really Big Boobs. She shows her little Boobs to her Dad...and asks him if men prefer small or large. Dad examines Emma's pert, young Tits, and tells her that they are beautiful. Emma asks her dad if he would like to "play" with her little Tits.....and Dad, who is so turned on by watching the Porn.....accepts the offer quickly! Dad begins to play with Emma's Tits, as the two continue to watch Porn....and one thing, of course, leads to another...and pretty soon Emma is riding her Dad's cock!! Emma keeps Fucking her Dad until they see a girl on the TV take a load of cum in her mouth....so Emma gets excited by that....and asks her Dad if he will cum in her mouth for her. Dad is only too happy to let Emma Suck him Off until he explodes right in her mouth. Emma is off to bed, to see if she can crash now

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