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TO GET OUT OF DOING THE DISHES....LOLA TEACHES HER STEP-BROTHER A NEW POSITION SHE LEARNED FROM HER BOYFRIEND. IT'S 69!!!!! LOLA LETS HER STEP-BROTHER LICK HER PUSSY, WHILE SHE SUCKS HIM OFF!!!! It's Lola's week to do the dishes....and she hates doing dishes!! Lola has an idea about tricking her Step-Brother, Joey into doing them. Joey walks into the Kitchen while Lola is doing the dishes...to get something to eat. Lola confronts Joey...and asks him to do the dishes....but, of course....that doesn't work. Lola tells Joey that her boyfriend taught her a "cool new trick".....it's this thing called "69". Joey has never heard of it. Lola goes on to explain 69 to her Step-Brother....."It's so cool....my boyfriend showed me how to do it....basically....you lie down on the floor....and I lie down right on top of you....and I can Suck your cock for you....and you can lick my Pussy....all at the same time!!!!". Joey tries to picture Lola's description in his mind....and begins to smile. "Really.....we can do that???". Lola assures her Step-Brother that she will, in fact, get naked and let him lick her Pussy, while she sucks his cock....as long as he will agree to do the dishes for her. Joey is intrigued enough by the concept....and agrees. The two Siblings strip off their clothes....and Lola lowers her ass down onto her Step-Brother's face....and they begin to service each other!! Joey really goes to down on his little Step-Sister's "private parts"!!! Lola sucks her Step-Brother's cock until she makes him cum. The next thing you know....Lola is on her way to the Mall....and Joey is doing the dirty dishes

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