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Ass Enslavement Week: Day 5 Slingshot Ass I know that going deeper into your addiction to me and my ass is difficult for you. More and more you imagine what it would be like to slam into me and watch the flesh of my ass cheeks jiggle from your thrust. Sadly for you, that will never happen. But it's not all bad news for you today. On day 5 you are being graciously blessed to see me in the thinnest of strips of cloth barely covering my pussy and asshole. Leaving nothing to the imagination you will get to see all my womanly MILF flesh bounce and jiggle from slaps, squats, and swaying from side to side. Sure, you want more but this wouldn't be a Femdom tease & denial session of you weren't being deprived of the thing you want most. Category: ASS WORSHIP Related Categories: TEASE & DENIAL, BIG BUTTS, MESMERIZE, MILF, THONG FETISH Keywords: arena rome, slingshot

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