[ManyVids] Ava Black - These shoes trap shoe lovers - Part 2


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Oh my! You just want to get down there and get dirty don't you? If I made you come up here on the bed and made you lick them would you promise to keep your cock in your pants and not touch it. That's the only thing I want as a guarantee. You have to beg me actually... I want to feel you begging to inhale the toejam down the back of your throat... Channel your inner desperation if you want these feet in your mouth. Feel even that little callous on the baby toe that will never change for anybody. Even you... Maybe you will manage to nibble it till it disappears... So lick it. Lick my foot like a good boi I want you to worship it. Only you can do it the way I like. Only you can give the attention to detail that's needed by my feet. Get up close and in there... do a good job of licking them.... mmmm

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