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You never know what to expect when i sit this colossal bum on your face to deliver a foul farting session. How smelly will they be this time? As a bbw I eat whatever and whenever i want. I don't care how stinky or rotten farts become, your job is to make sure you snort each one up your nose and today they happened to be absolutely putrid! I begin delivering loud rumbling farts and proceed to pull down my panties and spread my ass to make sure you aren't slacking and getting the full rotten aroma. I tell you to breathe them all in and you better not dare waste any of them. Such glorious lengthy farts should be inhaled so deeply you taste them in your mouth after. Take in my delicious aroma, press your nose tightly to my exquisite asshole. You can't get enough of my stench, your infatuated and breathe in deeply every time i sit on your face hoping to take in a new rotten funk each time. I have plenty for you on top of such a gigantic ass that's been sauteing up all kinds of disgusting smells for you. Your face is going to reek of something horrid when i am done with you

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