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John is masturbating in his room at his moms house. He has to go back home to his rich dad and is just time. Him mom comes in and is shocked by what she sees. She tells him I'm sorry, but she can't stop looking at how big his dick is! She sits on the bed and starts playing with his cock. Shocked at what his mom is doing, he screams, mom! What are you doing? while this is going on, John's stepmom is coming to pick him up. She's fed up with having to do dumb task like pick him up. SHe's just a gold digger who married John's father and didn't count on this. She knocks on the door and comes in. As she walks into the bedroom, a friend tries to stop her. SHe goes in anyway. SHe stands there shocked but gets turned on by what she sees! When John and his mom notice she's there, they try hard to stop doing what they're doing. But John's stepmom says hell no. YOu want me to keep this in the closet, you're going to fuck me as well and let me join in on this threesome! Watch as the stepmom

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