[ManyVids] briellajaden111 - Our First Look Into Sherrys Juicy Mouth


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Sherry is so sexy, so of course you would expect her mouth tour to follow suit wouldn't you? Well lucky for you it does! Our very first look into the spicy Milf's mouth and you know you will love what you see. She is super sexy, and gives you wide looks into her deep mouth. We get close ups of her uvula, tongue and teeth. She talks about her "big" cavity and the other ones too. Of course you get to see them. She has a tooth pick which she uses in her mouth, and she cleans her tongue with a tongue scraper and tooth mirror. She has a super long tongue and she makes some pretty hot noises with her mouth. She even gets "frisky" with the tongue scraper in her mouth... Hott! She also puts on lip gloss on her sexy plump lips. This is an awesome mouth tour, and while Sherry and I have shot before this is her first time on this particular store. So welcome to Briella Binds Fetish Factory. You will definitely be seeing much more of this hottie! Coming soon. (Sherry even mentions she is new to mouth tours, but she does an amazing job). This is one mouth tour you don't want to pass up

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