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In this clip,I am sweaty after a tough workout. I finish up, with my tight, sweaty yoga pants, just clinging to my ass, as I do about 20-30 squats. Following this, I bend over and do some stretches, as my Booty wiggles in the air. Little do I know that my yoga pants have slowly slipped down over my ass. I finish by giving myself a thong wedgie, and giggling, before quickly pulling up my pants (as I finally realize they have slipped down). Mainly silent video, except for heavy breathing/panting, as I squat, and giggles near the end. My face is seen many times, but cam is primary focused on my legs, sneakers, and ass, as I continually bend over to work out. The yoga pants are sheerish, and very see through, especially in the areas wet from sweat. It was requested that thong be inside out and wet for this clip, therefore it is

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