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Custom video which has been edited for you to enjoy. You’re having a rare night away from the family and responsibilities. Your Mates have encouraged you to go in a table dancing bar’where the girls are known for being hot. It has been a long time since you had felt like the old you. Having fun and enjoying the scenery the hot young girls are providing. You can see this gorgeous hot blonde, who stands out a mile in a figure hugging glitter dress. She walks over and you are taken back by her fun flirty nature and are so happy she is the gorgeous hostess of the VIP lounge - who is eyeing you up hard. I have noticed you too and believe me I want you just as much as you want me. The ring on your finger holds me back from being as forward as I would like, but only for so long. While I am near the cellars getting more champagne for your table, you grab the opportunity to follow me. We are alone in the corridor and I am teasing you hard, showing you may gorgeous body hugging dress, my legs look amazing and my ass cheeks peeping out at the back is making your dick rise. It’s a long time since you have felt such a burning desire for another woman. I see that you want me and encourage you to get your dick out and wank yourself. You are reluctant at first but after convincing you it is not cheating (as I wont be touching you, just teasing you and helping you along with my body and my dirty talk). You’re so horny, it does not take you long to succumb to my persuasions. My sexy teasing is making your dick ache, you’re throbbing for my hot body. When I am stripped naked it does not take long to build you nicely. With my seductive teasing and my filthy talk in my hot sensual accent is makes you blow your load everywhere. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone

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