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Customer wrote: Would like to see a gambling video with you and Misha - throwing a dice and whoever gets the higher number wins. If you both get the same number then you both do the dare. Dares would include spanking, panty stuffing, nipple play etc but would need to be something that neither of you would want to lose to. How does that sound? Great- would like you both to be fully dressed before stripping naked and sitting on the floor. There are 10 rounds and you each throw a dice and the highest number wins. Loser has to carry out the dares. If the number is the same then both players have to do the dare…. Want this to be a real gamble so have made the dares hard (anything that isn’t good let me know) 1 Spreading- winner spreads wide losers mouth, pussy and bum to the camera 2 Writing- winner writes on body of loser their name, birthdate, their measurements, date when they were last fucked, and favourite sex position 3 Spanking- 30 spanks-10 hand, 10 slipper, 10 something wooden 4 Breast play- 10 squeezing breasts, 10 nipples pinch/twist, 10 light biting 5 Panty stuffing- loser throws all of their underwear on the bed. Has 3 mins to masturbate before winner stuffs panties into her pussy. Throw dice and multiply by 3 for panties number. 6 Anal play- loser has winner put finger into anus in and out 50 times 7 Fingers. Not a dice roll each player puts as many fingers into the others pussy as is comfortable After 1 all of your underwear on the bed and you each show me each item of the others underwear 2 you each spread the other wider for the camera- mouth, pussy, bum 3 biggest pussy- who can put the largest item in their pussy 4 bum play- finger or object into bum 5 masturbating- standing and masturbating and calling out how much you love Steve until you cum xxx And after i want you masturbating and both cum

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