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WARNING ; CHARLIE SQUIRTS CUM ON THE CEILING FAN...AND IT COMES DOWN IN HER HAIR!! AFTER SUCKING-OFF THIS GUY'S DAD IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS...CHARLIE MILKS OUT ONE OF THE BIGGEST CUMSHOTS IN HISTORY!!! THIS IS A GIRL POWER COCK MILKING YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!! Charlie is about to welcome a boy to Jerkyville....in style!! Charlie gets the boy to take her home to his place after school....after stopping first to get a Big Gulp....and She is just about to pull his pants down and Jerk him Off, when the guy's Dad arrives!!! The crazy Dad refuses to leave.....so Charlie has an idea!! Charlie offers to give the Dad a Blowjob...if he promises to give them some privacy. Dad accepts the offer to be Sucked-Off by an 18 Year Old, Grade 12 Girl...and Charlie starts to suck. To her surprise....The guy cums in her mouth in less than 30 seconds!!! "Wow!! old guys cum fast!!" Charlie proclaims. As promised...Dad pulls up his pants and leaves. Charlie turns Her attention to the new boy from school...and starts to play with his cock. Charlie is an expert Cock Jerker...and She tells the boy that She plans on Squirting him....in Her words...."really high....". Charlie works the head of the boy's cock furiously....making him squirm in visual discomfort....but Charlie has a mission. Sure enough...this Girl knew what She was doing....She makes the boy's cock explode!!! Giant Blasts of cum Shoot high in the air.....even soaking Charlie's hair!!! Don't miss this one boys....Charlie knows how to make a cock Squirt!!!

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