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BRAND NEW JERKY GIRL, APRIL JUST CELEBRATED HER 18TH BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK!!! TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE ANNUAL SHOPPING TRIP...SHE TAKES THIS COCK IN HER PUSSY...HER HAND...AND IN HER MOUTH!!! TURNS OUT...AN 18 YEAR OLD GIRL MAKES A GUY SHOOT A BIG LOAD!!! Brand New 18 Year Old Jerky Girl, April is going door to door in this Neighborhood raising money for the Jerky Girl's annual Shopping trip. The guy who answers the door is slightly confused for two reasons....1) why is April not raising money for under-privileged people?.....and 2) why is She NOT wearing any pants??!! April, who just celebrated Her 18th Birthday the week prior, answers both questions for the guy....1) We REALLY like Shopping.....and 2) We raise more money when we are not wearing any pants. Makes sense. I suppose. April proceeds to tell him about the different levels of "Donations"..."For $50 I can Jerk you Off....for $100 you can lick my Pussy and I'll Jerk you Off.......or the Special is....for $200 you can lick my Pussy....FUCK ME....and then I'll Jerk you Off" Even though he is very tight on money....the guy figures that he may never have another chance to Fuck a Girl who just turned 18....so he takes the Special!! April lets him lick Her sweet, young Pussy....and then She climbs on top of him and rides his cock. April finishes the Job off by Jerking his cock, and then taking his MASSIVE load into Her young mouth. Off to the next house She goes...."Thanks for Supporting The Jerky Girls Of America!!"

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