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O ... M ... G ... You Guys ... This Pimple under my rt Ax, has been driving me nuts all day. It was in the 90s and Humid ... It felt the size of a Marble ... Such relief, after I felt the deflate, heard the Keratin splash against my phone, and saw the yellowish fluid. I seem to always get Pimples in My Armpits, Breast, Inner thighs, and sometimes on CS line. When I was under age, I was given Accutane,, I was not allowed a 2nd perception (Thank GOODNESS) due to the Side effects it caused. In my 20s I've taken antibiotics, and Bleach Baths, but now I guess the next step is surgery to hopefully permanently remove the sak/s but with that comes a chance of new growth. I'm scared to go under the knife, so I think I'll stick to squeezing ... I know its not good, but such relief it brings. In my defense I wash my Hands and rub *sanitizer liquid on it before

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