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Get down there slave. I have a surprise for you. I'm letting you out early this month. That's right you, you lucky slave, get to suck my boot heels and jerk your little dick until you cum. Put this heel in your mouth. Take that pathetic little penis out and start stroking. There is a reason you're getting out early. I had the most incredible sex I've ever had last night. You look shocked. I don't know why. Did you honestly think that I would stop wanting dick just because I've trained you to be the best pussy licker ever? Since we started this lifestyle I've come to realize that you are just not man enough for me. You and your tiny dick are not enough for me. I'm going to keep you around because I have put all this time and effort into training you already. Your sex is not about you entering a pussy with that flacid, tiny little thing ever again. From now on sex means licking my pussy and ass until I cum. Sex for you means cleaning all the cum from my pussy that my bull leaves there. Yes you are going to start cleaning up after. There will be no more days where you are for sure going to get released. You will only be let out on days like today. When I'm in a spectacular mood. Don't be too sad though. If I'm going to keep getting fucked like I was last night, I should be in a great mood all the time. Now finish licking that heel and jerking that tiny clit. It's time for you to eat that load and then get back into your chastity cage

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