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I have a fun game I want to play with you today foot slave. Pull your cock out and start jerking your dick right now. Hard and fast. Faster. I want you on edge as quickly as possible. You don't get to taste my feet until you're about to cum. Keep stroking. Do you want to worship my perfect feet or not? Faster. Edge right now or we don't play anymore today. Keep going. Now STOP! Good boy. Stroke slowly but don't cum or we quit playing. Now you get to start worshiping my feet. Stroke slowly and suck each toe. From little to big. Each one individually. Worship each perfect toe. Now jerk your cock a little faster. Don't cum. Jerk a little faster now. Look at you squirm. Now my other foot. Each toe again. Little to big. Did I say to slow down? No, I didn't. That's a hot pace. Keep going. I like that. Now STOP! Squeeze your balls. They're getting full, aren't they? Now stroke slowly. Lick from my heel, along the arch, all the way to the tip of my big toe. Stroke a little faster now. Now the other foot. From the heel again, along the arch, all the way to the tip of this big toe too. Good foot slave. Now open your foot slut mouth wide and take the whole thing in. Stroke faster now. Faster and STOP! You're leaking. You're so close. Other foot, now all the way in your slutty mouth. Good boy. Now jerk that cock fast, hard and cum for me

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