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I've had you locked up in that cage for two months now. I can't believe how long it's been since you have been allowed to cum. All you have to do is take this dildo up your ass and I will let you out. Are you really that scared? I mean how is your fear of taking it up the ass greater than your desire to cum? I've done it and it can feel really good. Who did I do it with? I'm not telling you that when you won't do it yourself. I can't believe that you've gone two months without sex. That's crazy to me. What? You thought I wasn't having sex? Ha! No you wanted to be locked up in chastity I don't. I guess that makes you a cuckold too. You wanted this life, now you've got it. Your face looks like your in pain. Me getting fucked by other did it for didn't it? So you're ready now? Good, I'm going to work this in you and your going to stroke for me. Don't cum until I give you permission & as always you will be eating your mess. Now take a deep breath and get ready to have your ass turned into a boy pussy

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