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I've been looking forward to tonight all week. You have too. Well let me show you what you've been waiting to see. I think it's your turn to show me something. Is something wrong? No everything's o k. Here let me get you going a bit. Yes fine there is something wrong. You have an incredibly tiny dick. I've never seen one so small. I'm really into big cocks and that little thing just isn't going to cut it. I don't know if I can keep blowing you even, it's just a real turn off, something that small. I can get into this as long your o k with me humiliating you throughout. What do I mean? I mean you have a really worthless, pathetic tiny dick. Ugh...no more putting that tiny thing in my mouth. It was fun humiliating you but I just tasted your worthless pre-cum and it sickened me. You still want to finish? Well there is only one way that will be fun for me. I tasted that rancid cum now you have to as well or I'm just going to leave. What do you mean what do I mean? If you want me to stay and watch you finish jerking that pathetic thing then you're going to have to eat it. I'll even still let you talk to me, hang out with me, look at me if you eat it. You don't want me to disappear from your worthless life forever do you? I didn't think so. So jerk that sad, sorry little penis until I tell you to cum, make sure to catch it because you're going to slurp up all that cum

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