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This video is a custom video that I made for a fan named Jackie. His father was thrown in jail and now his step mom is going to train him to be her sex slave: Jakie get in here. Your father got himself locked in jail for the next four years. I am not going without getting fucked for four years. So you have a choice. You can either become my sex slave or I can throw you out on your ass. What's it going to be? I thought so. Now get behind me and start licking my pussy. Good boy. I have all kinds of plans for you. Wow...your dick is bigger than your dads. Get that cock in me and show me how you can fuck. That's right pound me and smack my ass. You're a quick study. Now lay down while I ride that dick. You feel so good. Now I want you to take that big cock and shoot that big load right in my mouth and I'm going to swallow it all. I'm going to train you how to fuck a women Jackie and you are learning very quick

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