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Hello foot slave. I have been telling you for weeks that you need to pick up your foot worship game but you didn't listen. You thought dragging your lazy tongue back and forth across my feet was good enough but you're wrong. I found a new foot slave who knows how to properly worship my feet. He lives and breathes to be my foot bitch like you used to. Oh are you going to cry. It's nobody's fault but your own that you're being replaced. That's how sad and pathetic you are. You can't even lick a foot properly. Begging? Really? You think if you cry and beg I'll let you be my one and only foot slut again? You're wrong. You can earn your way back into my good graces though. You can start by licking the bottom of my shoe. Yes I've been wearing them out around town all day. Who knows what I've stepped in. You can always leave. That's what I thought. Lick the soles of those shoes. Suck on those heels. If you clean them really, really good I might even let you kiss my toes,eventually, with my shoes still on of course. I also want you to pull out your pathetic little dick. Jerk that fucking little cock fast and hard now. You're going to cum in your hand and then eat that sad, sterile load you little bitch. I want you to walk around the rest of the day with the taste of filth and your worthless cum in your mouth

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