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Get in here. I’ve got to work late, again, tonight and I need some relief. This day has been crazy. Do I want you to go down on me? I would but that would just get me to charged up and ready to use my slave’s dick for what it’s good for. That would take too much time. Instead you’re going to massage my pantyhose covered feet with your mouth. I’m even going to tell you, slave, how to stroke your cock while you’re doing it. You will not cum tonight though. No. I have to work all night and the only thing that will bring a smile to my face, is your blue balls. I’m going to make you lick, suck and sniff these feet while you build towards an amazing orgasm. Then I’m going to make you grip that dick, pinch the tip and make all that cum go right back into your balls. Now get down there you lucky slave and start making my night better

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