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I wasn't expecting you! What are you doing back in the room, I thought you had gone snorkeling? Obviously, I was waiting for your father, I told him to meet me here at 3:00 and I thought we could, uh, have a little naughty vacation fun. I know, you don't want to hear about it. Where is he anyway, do you know? What! He's playing golf again? Well look what he's missing out on, I put on this sexy lingerie in hopes to entice him to bed but forget about that. This isn't the vacation that I had in mind, I deserve some raunchy hot sex while we're down here in the tropics! Hmmmm well....you're here and you look a little excited to see mommy in this sheer robe. Come closer, don't I look hot and sexy baby? I know I'm your mom but, damn, I'm fucking horny and ready to go. I know you want to, don't be shy, that's silly. Holy fuck! Your cock is huge! I had no idea! Now you'v done it, I need that big piece of man meat in my mouth, between my tits and in my soaking pussy! Make me cum and give mommy her well deserved vacation fuck

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