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I know how much you want me, and I want to explain the economics of your situation to you. There are 1000 beta males like you who want to be my boyfriend, and there are only a few goddesses as beautiful and powerful as me. that means I have my pick of ALL of you, I love to use you and manipulate you to my will. Let's think about how much money you save being a LOSER. No wife, no girlfriend, you're so fucking pathetic you know that you need ME to be your girlfriend. You can show people my picture and tell them I'm your girlfriend. I'll even call you when you're with them for the right price. And you know what your responsibilities are to me right? And that's opening up that wallet. After all, that's what a good boyfriend does when he is lucky enough to have a girlfriend as hot as me. Come on, don't you want me to be your girlfriend

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