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USE HEADPHONES* I am going to put you under a deep homewrecking spell. The innocent yet still so sexy girl next door, the girl of your dreams, filled with so many kinky thoughts of what I want to do to you... I'm going to use every ounce of My sensual power to bind you to Me permanently. I know how much you dream of Me. Now you are going to give yourself to Me. you are Mine, not hers. Here in My house, it's only you and Salem...hide yourself somewhere that you can watch this in private, somewhere away from her...I want you all to Myself. I mesmerize you with the swinging of My ruby pendulum & entrancing green eyes, bringing you deeper into subspace as you relinquish your former identity, relinquish control, submit to Me... I know it is Me that you long for, not her... I dance & tease you & your aching cock inviting you to follow Me even deeper & you feel yourself become so weak watching the pendulum swing, My eyes coming closer & voice consuming you...Now you will follow Me down the rabbit hole into true addiction, addicted to Me & addicted to love- My love - now you are ready for the powerful spell I have prepared for our eternal binding...Stroke harder for Me, look Me deep in the eyes & let her go, let everything go, My spell will transform you forever. I light My magic candles & show you two pills which will change you forever. On your knees before Me you watch as I break open the pills & perform My erotic magic spell. I've teased your cock for so long with My body- long legs, perfect ass, so many soft smooth spaces for you to bury your face... Addicted to Me fully you are now bound to Me forever. The only desire you experience is the need to cum for Me. Now you will give Me everything...My pussy takes away your power of decision-making & controls you, My pink lace panties in your face...She doesn't know how good it feels to stroke while Salem watches you... The erotic homewrecker magic spell that I perform on you is the last blissful experience you will have. Follow Me, keep following Me, I'm taking you away from her. Once My spell is nearly complete I anoint Myself in pheromone oil pushing your face into My flesh so you inhale My captivating scent fully mesmerized by it...deeply inhaling while waves of pleasure wash over you... Don't be afraid. Destiny for you is to be forever beneath Me serving Me wrapped in My powerful thighs as I engulf you... I smear the oils in My inner thighs, already deep inside your mind, then pull you close... Shove your face deep between My legs and succumb forever, your former life extinguished and new destiny right here, right now, penetrated by the scent of My powerful pussy- you are MINE, not hers, you are born anew, belonging to Me, possessed by My magic control. The homewrecker next door now owns your soul & all the power of your love! CLIP CONTAINS: homewrecker, homewrecking, erotic magic, mesmerize, mind fuck, ass worship, magic...

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