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Happy anniversary, losers! it's LOSER MANTRA EDITION 10 JOI* I am a perfect Goddess and you are a Loser! It gets you off to be a loser. I know it makes you hard. It gets you off to be called a loser by a gorgeous blonde Goddess smoking in high heels wearing just a thong and fishnets... I allow you the intense pleasure of letting go of your ego. I take away your manhood over and over with that word, "loser." Look at My perfect body and listen carefully to My words...My long legs crossing and uncrossing, stretching out to demonstrate with My high heels just how small I consider you to be....you asked for this mindfucking humiliation...It's turning you on more and more to be called a loser by Me...your cock is aching now...I'm only wearing a thong and you worship My ass and worship My pussy so you are weak for Me, a weak loser desperate to cum for a Goddess. I'm laying back running My hands over My body and now it's time for you to say your Loser Mantra and start fucking your hand for your Goddess. Say it, "I am a loser." Repeat it over and over. I blow My smoke in your face making fun of you while I caress My nipples through the fishnet and listen to you say your loser mantra. Fuck your hand for Me spit on your hand get it nice snd wet while you repeat the mantra for Me. I want you to EDGE YOUR COCK FOR ME. DON'T CUM YET JUST EDGE... I get you all the way to the edge then bring you back down and make you stop stroking your cock. I get you so so close teaching you how to get to the edge, This is going to be the best orgasm ever now. I mindfuck you so hard. Stare into My beautiful mesmerizing green eyes while you repeat your loser mantra. Watch Me rub My hands all over My pussy and pull My fishnet shirt tight over My nipples, rubbing my fingernails over My nipples...WORSHIP MY PERFECT TITS. WORSHIP MY TITS. I squeeze and rub My tits and nipples together teasing you so hard...now it's time for you to cum you fucking loser! Put your face right in My tits where you belong and fuck your hand while you yelp your mantra "I AM A LOSER" I make you cum so hard. Push out all the cum for your perfect Goddess, you only get to cum when you admit to Goddess how low you are. Cum like the loser you are, desperate for attention from a beautiful Goddess laughing at you while still giving you jerk off instructions telling you to cum for Her...you are such a loser. Humiliation gets us both off and I'm enjoying controlling your cock and infiltrating your loser mind forever. CLIP CONTAINS: JOI, jerk off instruction, mesmerize, mind fuck, tit worship, nipples, mantra, loser humiliation, loser symbol, humiliation, goddess worship, blonde goddess, fishnet fetish, high heels, long legs, crossed legs fetish, thong, legs, edging, masturbation instruction, orgasm control, edging game, humiliatrix, green eyes, eye contact, eyes, close-ups, smoking, goddess smoking

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