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I trapped you, brought you back to My lair, and you know that Salem is the only one who can give you exactly what you want- Because, I know all about your desires to have your dick and your balls all fucked up for Me! Lucky for you, I have been doing Martial Arts courses, so I am ready to give your dick a good pounding. It's My dick now. I'll start off nice and gentle for you, start by rubbing your balls... But I am going to practice My new punches on your balls. You know that the only hand job you ever get from Me is going to be a painful one. But you love the way I torture your cock with the shiny platforms and stilettos on My sexy heels. I'll give you a footjob with 8 inch stilettos because I want you. I love kicking your dick around. All you deserve is this, My fist against your cock.You'll get a heeljob, and I'll count you down to cum with your cock between My knuckles. You can not ever cum without Me. You can't, ever. I am your Master.

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