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An intimate gaze into My kinky sex life. As a kinky Domme, I also enjoy submitting- only to My boyfriend- it turns Me on and teaches Me more about being Dominant Myself. I submit completely to My boyfriend in this clip we filmed in the bedroom. I do My makeup all pretty for him. He slaps My tits, and messes up My makeup with his hands. He gets Me high on **, slaps Me, tries to make Me cry- and I love it all. It's all about My tits and My face for a while, and he brings in the crop as well to slap My nipples. It turns Me on so much that he finally rewards Me with some pussy play. but it involves some pain and slapping too. Submitting to him pleases Me so greatly. He is so good at dominating Me and moving Me around the bed, showing off My body, spreading My legs and showing Me off. He slaps My pussy and My ass, spits and rubs them. I get spanked, licked, slapped, and he holds Me in his arms to sniff more *. I take it for 15 whole minutes until he unties My arms... I get so fucking worked up that I'm panting and begging him for more, moaning and writhing around the bed- I'm so lucky to have a man who understands bdsm and can dominate Me just how I like. so I can let go of My control completely and give it all to him. (this is Part 1 of a 2 part sex tape with part 2 coming soon) (This clip features @pervwire and contains elements of bondage, tease & denial, bdsm, pussy slapping, pussy play, tit busting, ass smacking, ass slapping, face slapping, ass spreading, mouth exploration, mouth fetish, spit fetish, slapping, female desperation, male domination, femdom sex

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