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My slave girl Cherokee has a beautiful face that I am going to fuck up with My slaps, turn red with My breath control, push to sheer desperation with My teasing. I know that she's excited because it's the first time I've ever dominated her. It turns Me on to slap her across the face, put her in bondage, and hold her by the neck against the wall challenging her not to squirm! Slapping her face isn't enough so I pull down her bra and slap her sexy nipples too. I can do whatever I want to My slave girl, and she's going to get a lot of smacks and slaps in the meantime. I get to do whatever I want to her as long as it gets Me off so I have My fun dominating her and smacking her hard, slapping her to remind her who owns her, keeping her bound while I get her worked up and turned on by My control

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