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I'm a dutiful, pious holy sister who is just finishing up filming a segment for a TV news station about the opening of the convent's new garden. After the news crew leaves, I'm finally alone, and all I can do is think selfish thoughts about how I long for larger breasts. It goes against the laws of God, it goes against my vows, and although it is certainly Satan making me think such unholy thoughts, I want this more than anything, I want to feel like a real woman. These voluminous robes that I've worn for so many years cover every curve of my body, and I don't mind that. I would, however, like to know that I have a woman's beautiful body beneath, even if I'm the only human who ever sees it. I've spent my life giving to the Lord, the Virgin, and our community. Why can't I have this one thing that I deeply desire? I pray and pray, expecting to find guidance and peace, but after finding none, I go to confession. I tell the holy Father about my dream for larger breasts, and confess that I've purchased a device on the internet that claims to inflate the breasts. Don't we all give in to the sins of the flesh, even in our minds, sometimes? Little do I know that the Father is not as 'holy' as one would believe. When I pull out the device to show it to him, he tells me to demonstrate how it's used. Assuming that he is trying to make me regret my bad decision, I insert the tube into my mouth and start pumping myself full of air. It's so embarrassing! I try to stop, and he makes me keep going. I guess this is part of my penance. I start to feel strange, and am shocked when I look down and notice my skin stretching, my body growing! I pray, exhalting the glorious Virgin. The Father snickers, clearly laughing at me. I enjoy touching the huge new breasts for a moment, but then my joy turns to distress when I realize that I'll never be able to explain the way I've changed. Maybe a bigger robe will cover them? No, nothing is going to cover these up. What have I done? I ask the Father what to do, and he tells me that tonight he'll have the answer for me. I sure hope so, I'll do ANYTHING to prevent the Mother Superior from finding out

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