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Olivia Rose is on the phone with the cable company when the cable guy finally shows up. He knows he is in trouble as soon as he walks in. Olivia is super upset for how late he has made her to an important interview. He wants to make it up to her. She says that there is one thing she really enjoys doing to men who piss her off. He says ok, so she says she will punish him for every minute he was late. She starts immediately kneeing him in the balls, counting them out each time. She then starts straint kicking him with her pointy dress shoes. Making sure she kicks so hard he doubles over in pain. She continues to kick him over and over. He wants her to stop and starts pleading with her to stop, but she won't. Olivia then takes off her shoes to kick him with her bare feet. She is determined to kick him for every minute. She makes him think he is getting a break by letting him sit, until she starts kneeing him. She says she won't stop unless he wants to be fired. She keeps kicking and kicking. He says he is starting to feel sick, so she makes him a deal, one more kick and she'll let him make it up to her the next time. She kicks him as hard as she can and then decides to call his boss anyway

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