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In the second half of Caught With Panties, we find Olivia's sneaky panty wearing hubby on his knees at the end of their bed. She comes in, still in her hot business number, but with a big surprise; a big black strapon. Olivia is going to further punish him. She feels that since he wants to wear panties like a girl, he must want to be treated like one. Olivia grabs his face and starts slapping his face with her big cock. She figures since he wants to be a bitch panty boy. She will make him take it and beg to. She then shoves the huge black cock in his mouth making him gag on it. She makes him take it over and over while verbally humiliating him. Olivia keeps going and even takes the cock out of his mouth to rub all that spit on his face. She continues to fuck his face, laughing at him, taunting him, treating him like the pathetic bitch he is. She decides she's going to make him shut up. She then puts her hands over his mouth and nose making him pas out and then leaves

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