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Olivia has just gotten home from a really rough day at her secretary job. Her boss was being a bigger jerk than normal, and that made for a terrible day. She slumps down on the couch as soon as she gets home, exhausted. Her feet hurt so bad, she can't help but feel relief as she slides off her office pumps, feeling her stockinged feet after she removes them. She tries rubbing them a bit, when you, her sweet boyfriend, offer to give her a much needed foot massage. She perks up and ok's it. She gets super comfortable and raises the recliner. As you start rubbing her stockinged feet she slumps back on to the couch, immediately feeling relief from a long day on her feet. She is in ecstasy, and you are giving her the best massage of her life. You are making her melt in your hands as you caress her feet. You enable her to finally take her hair down, and her glasses off after such a hard day. She can't help but orgasmically moan as you continue to rub them and becomes putty in your hands. The massage leaves her relaxed and breathless, and wanting more, from the best lover ever.

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