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Poor baby, are you sick!? Oh no! Mommy will take care of you! Let Mommy put her latex gloves and face mask on so Mommy doesn't get sick too! Mommy will take your temperature, open your mouth!. Hmm, for some reason it's not working in your mouth. I'll have to stick it in your butt, baby! I'm so sorry! I know it's uncomfortable but Mommy has to find out what's wrong with you. Oh no you have a temperature! You are definitely sick! Mommy is going to cure you baby, but you are not going to like the cure! Mommy has to give you an enema and then make you hold it all night! I'll have to put a butt plug in you to make sure you don't push your enema out. Then I'll put a nice, fluffy diaper on you so you'll be made to hold your water all night long! Poor baby! I know you're going to be miserable but Mommy wants to make you all better. Mommy loves you!

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