MelanieSweets - Giantess Melanie is gonna get you 🖕🏿


MelanieSweets - Giantess Melanie is gonna get you
I am giantess Melanie and today I found some VERY little and insignificant man hiding under my bed... He was super tiny, not even an inch tall and he got terrified when he saw me.. I warned him to not try to escape cause I was gonna chase him and find them so he let me grab him and put it in my hand... At some point of the video I get topless to test the little man and see if his almost invisible cock can get hard for me... To my surprise, he did get hard, wow, I am amazed! But you know what I do with tiny losers like him... yes u got it right, I eat them like if they were a piece of candy Sorry not sorry but losers like you belong to one special place; my mouth and then my stomach.. ha ha

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