Misha Mystique - Tight Levi Jeans and Cleavage Tease 🐵


Misha Mystique - Tight Levi Jeans and Cleavage Tease
Lots of teasing, cleavage, underboob. I move and pose in these tight Levi skinny jeans, giving you views of my ass from different angles. I wiggle and shake my round ass, bringing it right up to your face multiple times. I pull my sweater up to reveal most of my sexy bare breasts, teasing and teasing but never quite giving you a full view of them. I unzip my jeans right in your face, tease you, and zip them back up before sticking my ass in your face again. Tons of tease with no talking so you can stroke at your own pace. Shot in 1080p in my bathroom with low lighting. [ includes elements of: jeans fetish, ass fetish, tease, tease and denial, tits, denim, fetish clothing, sweater fetish ]

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ass fetish tease & denial jeans fetish all natural titty squeezing