missmadisonstone - Fuck Your Wife, Pay Me - Financial Domin ⚡


missmadisonstone - Fuck Your Wife, Pay Me - Financial Domin
Your wife just doesn't make the cut..she's frumpy and doesn't look after herself. She makes zero effort into looking sexy and you no longer get turned on. It's because of her lack in maintaining herself that you have turned over to sexy findom women online. You've realized that a high maintenance Goddess is what you crave. Knowing your money goes towards sexy outfits, putting on make up and looking fabulous is what turns you on. Your frumpy wife doesn't turn you on, I do! You spend more time at work making money, then come home to a boring vanilla life and you no longer have the patience for it. You're wife is just collecting dust around the house. Taking matters into your own hands you use that money on me, knowing that I invest it into looking hot, teasing you, making your dick hard and ultimately controlling your finances, your life and giving you pleasure that your wife can't. You are so tired of being bored and all you want is attention from sexy women who flaunt their sexuality and know how to mentally stimulate you. This is what you crave, I'm the women you have been dreaming about. Highlights: financial domination, findom, arrogant, homewrecker, mind control, seduction, topless, tease, truth

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