Mistress Harley [ManyVids] - You Might Be a Sissy If...JOI Game


Download Mistress Harley ManyVids - You Might Be a Sissy If...JOI Game
Are you struggling with figuring out if you're really a sissy? Maybe you think that you're a real man who just jerks it to sissy porn every now and then. Well I'm going to make you take a test. I am going to say a series of statements. As long as the statement is true, you get to keep stroking. So, "You might be a sissy if you bought this video" is true, so you have to keep stroking. If I say something untrue then you have to stop? Get it? Good. Now let's play and see if your throbbing cock will explode at all the true sissy facts I already know about you.

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