Mistress Salem - Double Domme Chastity Revenge 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


Mistress Salem - Double Domme Chastity Revenge
ruby is so disgusted with you. actually, we both are. we realized last night while we were out [] that we both met you on tinder when we were out hunting for good dick, and though you promised you were sooo hung and so good in bed, your sex was so bad that it was traumatizing. what was even worse was when we realized that we'd both fallen for your stupid jackhammering loser sex skills! so we decided that your tinder privileges are revoked. now we are going to lock that dick of yours up in chastity, and the keys are ours. too bad you're never going to see them again. thankfully we just saved a whole lot of other women from your awful sex. you think that's what sex is? that's how you 'please' women? no. now you won't even be pleasing yourself. better delete your tinder and start worrying about how you're going to get this chastity device off without the keys~ considering we're both so disgusted with you that we don't ever plan on giving them back!

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