Mistress Salem [ManyVids] - Ditch your Date & Goon Intox JOI


Download Mistress Salem ManyVids - Ditch your Date & Goon Intox JOI
Tonight you are going to ditch your Valentine's Day date and get fucked up with Me instead! I know you love p0ppers, and so do I. So tonight you'll undergo My guided intox JOI and learn something new: GOONING. I recently learned what this word means and I'm going to teach you how to goon- how to edge over and over, get higher and higher, and reach a subspace where you're in a perpetual state of verging on orgasm. I'm going to make you forget all about your date. Disappear into My shiny ass, My perfect tits, pink sparkly high heels. Be My Valentine. Get fucked up into oblivion with Me and reach a state of eternal bliss

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