Mistress Salem [ManyVids] - Give Everything to My Feet


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I love having everything I want given to Me without question. I snap My fingers and My army of worshipers respond. I am worshiped from head to toe. If you are going to worship Me you will worship the ground I walk upon so My feet are very important. I just got these brand new heels in the mail from a slave! Admit it, you love worshiping Me and giving Me all control and power. I brag about My perfect life, tease you, weaken you. Then, when you have been taught your place in My kingdom, you worship My feet! Barefoot, soles, toes, everything. I brainwash you into becoming My foot bitch. Finally you are so weak that My bare feet and My mesmerizing words bring you to climax! My feet own you completely and you are going to give them everything! (This is the highly recommended maximum effect FULL LENGTH video of My 'Brainwashed Foot Bitch Pact' clip

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