Mistress Salem [ManyVids] - Intox Makes you DUMB!


Download Mistress Salem ManyVids - Intox Makes you DUMB!
Salem has another intox challenge for you obsessed fiend. You are so into Me and all of the degrading acts I make you do. I got dressed up so hot for you and I'm going to guide you through this mesmerizing intox session, spiraling you deeply into a fucked up state. You will be completely under My control. You will do them whenever I tell you to, getting so lost on My body, and the rush... I want you to get so good and fucked up to My seductive, enchanting guided intox... and then I have some plans for you to do humiliating shit. I get meaner and meaner but I keep making you take your medicine. I have evil edging plans, and evil ways I will seduce you into doing what I want. You just might want to have a cucumber ready because once you are under there is no telling what I might make you do. And you know how much I love to make you explore things when your inhibitions are lowered...

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