Mistress Salem [ManyVids] - Invasion of Femdoms Human Ashtray JOI


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USE HEADPHONES for ultimate mindfuck experience* A lighter clicks illuminating the most beautiful Female creatures you have ever seen, sitting in bed right before you! Something has happened- your bedroom has been transformed & you find yourself kneeling beside your bed, as if compelled by erotic magic. Two intergalactic Femdoms appear in your room. There is a tear in time They have traveled through, reaching you. They tell you of their plight, a journey searching for planets with intelligent life to put under their control. They're smoking as they speak to you. Their voices sound alien & robotic but their bodies look human- two pairs of glittery perfect natural tits distract you as they address you in their robot tongue which you somehow understand perfectly. The two Femdoms are confused at the notion of masculinity on planet Earth. The Femdoms believe males have held power for far too long, wielding it unwisely. They come from a Female-powered planet, a Matriarchy, where women rule all & men are second class citizens whose only purpose is to serve all of Women's wants & needs. As you listen to them you slowly begin to feel a change inside. Things feel strange as your mind becomes weak. The Femdoms confess, that strange feeling of weakness, vulnerability...it comes from the smoke of Our cigarettes...which have an interesting effect on you earthlings, making you vulnerable & suggestible. Our magical cigarettes make you do whatever We say. The Femdoms command you to open your mouth & stick out your tongue & you must obey, hopelessly controlled by Their erotic magic. The smoke has made you weak so you must obey. It turns you on, this feeling of weakness. Our glittery bodies & sexy tits mesmerize you & the mesmerizing spell of the magic cigarette smoke makes your cock hard & you can't help it, the smoke it so deep inside that you are masturbating in front of Us, stroking your human cock while We tease you with Our bodies... We want to see you stroke nice & slow, enjoy it, while you eat Our ashes & taste the flavor of Our power. Breathe in nice & slow. Stroke as We command. Stare at Our breasts, feel yourself getting closer & closer. The Femdoms rub their nipples together whispering jerk off instructions, tempting you with their tits while the brainwashing continues. The Femdoms want to see you cum, see how much cum you can produce for Us before you run out of time- Our magic smoke will fully infiltrate you & you will go deeply under- the next place you will wake up is on Our home planet! We practice using you as Our ashtray while playing with you & edging your cock. Whispering brainwashing instructions, implanting stroking patterns, slowly, then faster...Keep breathing in that delicious smoke, inhale & sniff the magic potion from the air...The Femdoms want to see you cum...We know how male humans can't resist being underneath Our mesmerizing tits eating Our ashes learni...

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