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Here you are again... you've entered the den of Salem. I am going to cast a love spell so powerful, thorough and deep that you'll be forever entrenched in it. I'll be your new vice. You're going to fall for Me, making a quick descent into My world. You have no idea what you're in for; I can smell the fear coming off of you. I'm putting you right at the end of My dagger. Soon I will command you. My powers are so much stronger than yours; you falter- weakening- as I grow with strength. You know nothing of the magick I hold. I'm going to condemn you to a life's worth of serving Me. Allow yourself to fall deep under and slip hopelessly under. My power is so immense and all-consuming that you never stood a chance. I take such divine pleasure in this ritual. You love Me. You love Me. You'd do anything to be at your knees before Me, worshiping Me in My Temple.

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