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We've enjoyed your winter break from college so much, honey, I almost don't want it to end! Imagine if you took next semester off and just spent it I'm wearing a red silk wrap shirt that really shows off my glorious boobs, and you can't keep your eyes off me. It was so perfect having you home, getting closer. I've begun to crave you every day, needing you. You could suck these big tits and slide your cock into me every day, you know? It's so hot, so naughty to do the most forbidden thing in the world, to explore the depths we'll go to. Is there anything I can do to convince you? Perhaps you need a reminder of how much you love my body. I invite you to suck my tits right now, and you're enraptured, pulling your hard cock out for me to suck. You wouldn't get to do this if you went back, you know? Would the girls at college fuck you the way I do? I open my legs, and you know that you won't be going anywhere this semester

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